Happy Victoria Day!

To all Canadians, the Thumper Team wishes you a happy Victoria Day! Set off some fireworks, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the day off. If you’d like to learn more about this interesting Canadian holiday – that pre-dates the country itself – click here.


Happy Victoria Day

Identify the Historical Event

Historians usually have some pretty impressive paintings and photographs to go along with their findings. This won’t be the case today. Should you accept today’s challenge, you will be given 30 hand-drawn moments in history to identify. Read the prompts below and type the missing terms in the box above. You have eight minutes and the world’s history to go through. Good luck! Click here to identify the historical event.

Identify the Historical Event


How Does it Grow? – Garlic

From China to Ethiopia, Brazil to Italy, the Philippines to India, virtually everyone on this planet uses garlic for cooking. And it’s no wonder why! This tasty (albeit smelly) vegetable elevates any dish and makes a kitchen really smell like a kitchen. Aside from its pungent flavour, garlic has also historically been used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. So with all this popularity, you’d think we’d know how garlic grows… Well if you’ve been kept in the dark, watch the video below:


How Bodies Process Medicine

Have you ever wondered how taking pain medication through a pill form can help decrease pain in a totally different area of your body? How does a painkiller know ‘where’ to kill pain? What steps are taken in your body’s system to process medication? How do doctors and pharmacists know how to determine dosage? To learn more about how bodies process medicine, watch the video below:


Happy Mother’s Day

On behalf of the Thumper team (and everyone in the world really), thank you mom. Thank you for for putting up with dirty diapers, terrible toddlers, cranky teenagers, and know-it-all ‘grownups’. Thank you for playing the role of master chef, emergency room doctor, and CEO of ‘human capital development’. Thank you for kissing away tears, believing in us, and guiding the way when the road ahead seemed dark and perilous. Thank you for everything you do, and please know that we all love you and appreciate you for it. Happy Mother’s Day!


8 DIY Mother’s Day Bouquets

Out of all the gifts you can give mom this Mother’s Day, you can never go wrong with a bouquet of flowers. Bouquets are the essence of Spring, with vibrant colours, fragrant aromas and beautiful designs. You could always order pre-made arrangements from a florist, but if you have a bit of a green thumb and are up for a challenge, try out these 8 DIY Mother’s Day Bouquets. Click here for your source of inspiration. Good luck!


8 DIY Mother's Day Bouquets

3 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

If you’re stumped looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, we’ve got a couple of suggestions that might tickle her fancy. If you’re thinking breakfast in bed with heart-shaped fruit and eggs, a cupcake flower bouquet, or a rustic pillow with your own customized design, this video is for you. So treat your momma with any one (or all) of these 3 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts. Good luck!


20 DIY Mother’s Day Cards

If you’re looking to do a little something extra for mom this Mother’s Day, why not try making  your mom her very own custom card? It requires a bit more effort, but then again she’s always put in the effort for you. If you’re looking for detailed instructions, or are just browsing for inspiration, click here to see all 20 DIY Mother’s Day Cards. Good luck!


20 DIY Mother's Day Cards

Pick the Mediterranean Cuisine

Ladies and gentlemen, this game will get your palates up and running! You will be ‘served’ 28 famous dishes, and you will have five minutes to distinguish what country they’re from; it’s either France, Italy, Spain or Greece for this round! So what are you waiting for? Click here to play pick the Mediterranean cuisine.


Pick the Mediterranean Cuisine

3 Songs and 1 Artist

If you haven’t listened to the radio in some time, this one will be a toughie. Players will be shown three songs and will have to pick the artist who sang them all. You have nine minutes on the clock and a whole lot of humming to do. So what are you waiting for? Click here to play 3 songs and 1 artist. Good luck!


3 Songs and 1 Artist