English to American Quiz

Fasten your trainers, throw on your jumper, and hop on the motorway! Or should I say, fasten your sneakers, throw on your sweater, and hop on the highway? Click here to play the English to American Quiz. The goal is to “translate” all 45 British terms into American vocabulary in five minutes or less. Best of luck!


English to American Quiz

Countries or Cities? Hong Kong and Macau

Have you ever wondered what Hong Kong is? Small country, large city, or somewhere in between? With over 7 million people, Hong Kong boasts a larger population than Serbia, has a higher GDP than Peru, and has been established longer than South Sudan. But do all these attributes make Hong Kong a country? Watch the video below to learn more.



2-Word TV Show Quiz

Can you name the 2-word TV show from its picture? There are twenty images as your clues and six minutes to complete the game. To play, click here. Best of luck!


2-Word TV Show

Should You Trust Your Intuition?

People often talk about a “gut” feeling. But what is that exactly? Your stomach isn’t literally pointing you in a certain direction or telling you what to do, but in some ways, we trust our intuition more than certain facts that are presented to us. Watch the video below to learn more about why we have gut feelings and whether we should trust them when making every-day decisions.


International Beer Bottle Game

Beer! An international beverage enjoyed by many across the planet. Though you may consider yourself a beer connoisseur, we challenge you to take this international beer bottle quiz. You will be shown 24 beer bottles from all over the globe, your mission is to identify which country they come from. You have 5 minutes on the clock, best of luck! Click here to play.


International Beer

Attractions in European Cities Quiz

Select the five attractions that belong to each European city. There are 50 places of interest, 10 cities, and 7 minutes on the clock. Want an extra challenge? Play in teams and see which group finishes first and with the most correct answers. And remember, no cheating! Click here to play.



Cities in Countries: Asian Edition

Can you match the 55 Asian cities to it’s home country? You have six minutes on the clock and a whole lot of thinking to do. Now… was Nagoya in China or in Japan? Click here to play.

Cities in Asia

Name the South American Flag

Anyone know what Uruguay’s flag looks like? There are 12 country flags and 3 minutes on the clock. Can you name the South American flag? If you want to raise the level of difficulty, challenge your co-workers, friends or family to see who can get the most correct answers in the least amount of time. Best of luck and enjoy! To play, click here.


South American Flag

60 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Feel inspired this holiday season with 60 DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Whether its birch logs in the fireplace, wreaths off of a bookshelf, or garlands on the staircase, there’s something for everyone at every price. To learn how to spruce up your space without having to break the bank, check out the gallery by clicking here.


DIY Christmas Decoration


How to Wrap a Gift without Wrapping Paper

Do you want to learn how to wrap a gift without wrapping paper? If you have run out of wrapping paper, we have a solution for you! Check out the video below on how you can wrap a gift without having to run out to the store to buy more wrapping paper. Happy wrapping!