Why Are You Always Tired?

Have you ever woken up in the morning only to feel tired for the rest of the day, even when you know you’ve had enough hours of sleep? As it turns out, there are several factors that affect our ‘tiredness’ levels throughout the day, including the amount of exercise we do during the week, our alcohol consumption the night before, our daily diets, and more. To learn more about why you’re always tired, watch the video below.


What is Buddhism?

Although many would classify Buddhism as a religion, it is better to think of it as a ‘way of thinking’ or a guide that encourages spiritual and emotional development. Buddhism is a tradition that began in Nepal and slowly spread through much of East Asia. Today, there are close to 495 million Buddhists in the world who ascribe to ideals such as moderation, enlightenment and the overcoming of suffering. To learn more about this fascinating belief system, watch the video below:


Baycrest Alzheimer’s Research Initiative

For the month of April, the Thumper team has been donating a portion of every sale to the Baycrest Alzheimer’s Research initiative. Our goal is to continually support the fight to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and to improve the care of those who currently have this horrible stream of dementia. We can all do our part to help the millions of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s in North America. So whether its increasing awareness, spending time with a grandparent or parent who has the disease, or even donating directly to a fund, we hope you will join us in supporting this universal cause. Thank you.


Baycrest Alzheimer's Research Initiative

Producing Art Reduces Stress

A recent study conducted by Girija Kaimal, an assistant professor of creative art therapies at Drexel Univeristy, has suggested that creating art has the potential to reduce stress in adults. According to Kaimal, we are all creative creatures, and although our skills in art may be limited, the act of producing art reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels in our bodies. So the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, consider taking out some pencils and brushes. Click here to read the entire article.


Producing Art Reduces Stress

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You may have received a lot of goodies this year as Easter treats. But, before you go ahead and toss out that chocolate bunny thinking, “I probably shouldn’t“, check and see if it’s dark. Any chocolate that has a 70-99% cacao content is considered dark chocolate and thus contains a ton of nutrients that are good for your body, such as: flavonoids, anti-oxidants, magnesium, copper and manganese. Several studies also suggest that dark chocolate may be a contributor to reducing poor heart health, bad cholesterol, and high blood pressure. If you’d like to learn more about the health benefits of these cacao-rich treats, click here.


Dark Chocolate

Massage For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a type of heel pain where the plantar fascia (the ligament that goes from your heel to your toes), is strained over time. This condition typically occurs in athletes, people who walk on hard surfaces over an extended period of time, and in people who have high arches or flat feet. It is a common problem that luckily has several at-home treatments that can significantly reduce discomfort and pain over time. However, if you’re looking for immediate relief, there’s no better way to release tension than by massaging the ligament itself. Click here to learn about massage techniques for Plantar Fasciitis and a video tutorial on how to do it.


Plantar Fasciitis


Inside Look: Baycrest Hospital

For the month of April, the Thumper team will be donating a portion of every sale towards Alzheimer’s research at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto. This North Toronto medical facility specializes in elderly care. The Rotman Research Institute that is based in Baycrest focuses on neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Scientists working at the Rotman Research Institute promote “effective care and improved quality of life of the elderly through research into behavioural changes associated with the aging process”. For more information about Baycrest, or if you would like to donate directly to the hospital, click here.



Alzheimer’s Disease in 3 Minutes

For the month of April, the Thumper team will be donating a portion of every sale towards Alzheimer’s research. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that normally targets individuals over the age of 65. The condition itself is not fully understood, but we know that the tell-tale symptoms are caused by plaques and tangles that impede the function of our neurons in the brain. Slowly, Alzheimer’s patients will lose various neurological and physiological capacities; usually starting with short-term memory loss and progressing to the inability to coordinate movements. If you’d like to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, watch the video below:

5 Ways to Minimize Racing Thoughts

Have you ever tried going to sleep only to lie awake for hours on end just thinking about stuff? Whether you’re anxious about something that happened in the past, concerned about the present, or worried about your future, remember, we’ve all felt similarly at some point in time or another. If you’d like to learn 5 ways to minimize racing thoughts, click here.


Racing Thoughts

Bipolar Disorder

When we think of bipolar disorders, we often imagine a person with temporary, yet amplified mood swings. While it is true that individuals with this type of mood disorder do exhibit ecstatic highs and depressive lows, the condition is far more serious and can lead to consequences that can be extremely debilitating. Bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million American adults in any given year. It is a mental health issue that can impair a person’s quality of life and for those who live around them. To learn more about bipolar disorder and other depressive disorders, watch the video below: