Strength Training Workout for Beginners

It’s Fitness Friday! Check out this video for a beginner strength training workout that you can do in about 17 minutes. Before you head out for the weekend, make sure you get some exercise in for the day.

A dumbbell is recommended for these exercises, so the weekend would be the perfect time for you to go out and buy some! Have fun and stay active!

Vocabulary Quiz: Remove an “s”

Removing a letter can (s)ometime(s) (s)pell another word. Try out thi(s) quiz to (s)ee what word(s) you can make by taking out one “(s)”. Share with us your results!
Girl drinking hot tea and reading book in bed

Meal prep: start if you haven’t yet

Meal prep is healthy, easy, and quick. It doesn’t have to be boring either.

Meal prep is healthy because your portions are controlled and consistent. It is easy because you don’t have to decide on what to eat every day. It is quick as well because you do not have to cook for every meal. Some people meal prep for a week, I personally prep for half a week. It’s up to you to decide but meal prepping simplifies my life.

Check out this video for some inspiration for how to prep your meals:

The video includes some delicious recipes that you can try. How do you prep your meals?

Recipe: Homemade Vegan Apple Pie

The seasons are changing. It is almost fall and it is also apple season. This makes it the perfect time of the year to start making pies and sprinkle in cinnamon in everything you make. Pumpkin, apple, pecan, and more – there are many different types of pies to make! Pies are a great dessert choice for the chilly evening.

But, pies can still be tasty when they are made healthy! This recipe for apple pie uses alternative ingredients to boost your sweet tooth for dessert, but in a healthier way. By relying on the natural sweetness of the apples and only adding a touch of sweetness to make it a dessert, small changes like this can help improve your diet.

Check out the recipe below and share your results with us! We want to see how your pies turned out!

Affordable travel destinations

Travel the world without breaking the bank – affordable travel destinations make these places a must-go.

Here are some places I am interested in going:

  • Cape Town – Picturesque beaches, Mediterranean weather, fun bars and cheap drinks… Cape Town has it all.
  • Vietnam – Vietnam is a booming travel destination, with historical spots to explore. There are breathtaking landscapes if you visit Vietnam for the nature. The night life is electric if you visit Vietnam in the city.
  • Ecuador – There’s volcanic islands in Ecuador. Check it out if you’re interested. There are also Andean peaks, beaches, and the Amazon rainforest to visit for your dose of adventure.
  • Poland – If you are interested in architecture or history, Poland is a must-go. Centrally located in Europe, Poland is often an underrated destination compared to other European countries. Poland has delicious food, great beer, and a rich culture – you’ll find something to enjoy.
  • Montreal – Montreal is the world’s second largest francophone city after Paris, and is one of the most bilingual cities in Quebec and Canada. Whether you are exploring during the day or night, Montreal has plenty of activities and events throughout the year.

Watch the video below to see what other places are affordable! It may inspire you to try travelling to places you never thought you would.

Feel free to recommend me other affordable travel destinations if you have any. I would love to hear them!

New Ways to Have Fun

Thanks to the Internet, we can find new ways to have fun while staying active.

So, I would like to thank the Internet for showing me the existence of a Velcro wall and a Velcro body suit.

Not only does flinging your body at a Velcro wall seem fun, Team Edge adds a twist by making the challengers pose a certain way to earn points against the other team.

Of course, safety comes first, which is why an air-filled bouncy castle is used instead of an actual wall.

Watch the video to see how Team Edge has fun while staying active!

Are you a geography genius?

Are you a geography genius? How about listing all the words in countries that have multiple words? Click here to play. Share your score with us afterwards!

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Corn Off the Cob Salad Recipe

Homemade Corn Salad

Corn is sweet, especially when bought in season, and is a good source of folate, fibre and vitamin C.

There are many ways to add corn into meals and snacks, but have you tried corn salad? This recipe for corn salad adds a nice tangy, summer taste to grilled corn. If you are having a last-minute BBQ before the summer ends and happen to have fresh corn, try making a corn salad!

What your backpack-wearing style says about you

students in a school hallway wearing backpacks with one strap

A student’s most common type of travelling baggage for school is the backpack. Carrying books, a bottle of water, and a lunch can be heavy and potentially cause back pain. However, the backpack is commonly used because it distributes the weight on both shoulders instead of one – which reduces back pain compared to other unbalanced travelling baggage.

As students begin socializing with their peers, they will learn different ways to wear a backpack. The “cool” kids tended to wear the backpack with one strap as a sign of rebellion – thereby making the proper way of wearing both straps seem not as “cool”.

What are the consequences of wearing the backpack with one strap? Obviously, back pain.

And what does your backpack-wearing-style say about you? Nothing, really. Except you can tell if someone cares about their back.

When students move to higher grades, they get more books. The “smart” kids would wear both straps not only because “cool” didn’t matter anymore, but it also became necessary with the physical load they had to carry.

Fast forward some time and some “cool” kids wear both straps now. “Cool” changes but doing what is right and proper will go a long way. Your back will thank you for it.

Find out more about the influence of wearing the backpack with one strap.

Fill in the Blank: Songs from the Beatles

Are you a bona fide Beatles fan? Prove your musical knowledge by completing the titles for these 60 songs from the Beatles. You have 7 minutes on the clock, and remember, no cheating! To play, click here.

Fill in the Blanks Beatles