9 Green Smoothie Recipes

Looking to add more greens to your diet? Let’s face it, no one wants to eat salad every day, but it’s a fact that your body craves veggies to keep firing on all cylinders. If you want to increase your intake of greeny-goodness (without the taste), try out anyone of these green smoothie recipes. With options like mango and coconut, blueberry and peanut butter, as well as strawberry and pomegranate, you’ll never feel like you’re grazing on grass. Click here to see all the recipes.


Green Smoothies

Have You Ever Tried Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics is the way to go when looking for your next exercise session. Watch the video below and see how you can get started on doing water aerobics!

How Many Calories do I Burn Doing Chores?

People burn calories all day every day. Whether you’re sleeping or running a marathon, your body’s metabolic processes are constantly at work. But have you ever wondered how many calories you burn while doing chores? It turns out that raking leaves in the yard may be more effective than jogging on a treadmill. To learn more, click here.


Easy Pizza Crust Recipe

Have you ever made homemade pizza before? Well if you haven’t, you’re missing out. For a quick and easy pizza crust recipe, click here. Add whatever toppings you love and watch your beautiful creation come to life! It’s a great activity for kids or for date night and the best part is, you can keep all the ingredients healthy and wholesome. Enjoy!


Pizza Crust Recipe

Heavier Weights or Repetitions? Which is Better?

A common idea circulating in many gyms is that doing many repetitions with light weights will help individuals lose fat, while heavier weights for fewer repetitions will build muscle. Turns out, this commonly held belief is not necessarily true. To find out how you can burn fat, build muscle, and increase strength most effectively, click here. Happy workout!


More Repetitions or Heavier Weights?

4 Ways to Excite Your Taste Buds

Love Penne dishes, but want to spice things up a bit? Try out these 4 recipes that will excite your taste buds. Watch the video below for the recipe. Enjoy!

The Science of Weight Loss

Anyone who has ever tried to shed a couple pounds can tell you that it’s rough. But are there everyday scientifically-backed tips that can help you lose weight a bit quicker without turning to pills or dubious potions? Watch the video below to find out.


Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories

Going to the gym or heading out for a jog seem like obvious choice to burn off calories. But did you know that there are much more interesting ways? Whether you run for 20 minutes or kiss your loved one for 2 hours, you’ll still be using 200 calories. To learn more interesting (and quirky) ways to burn off calories watch the video below.


Ready for this Month’s Challenge? 30-Day Beginner Push-Up Challenge

A great deal of us face something called the “T-Rex” syndrome – strong legs, but spaghetti arms. If you’re looking to strengthen your triceps and chest, this exercise challenge is for you! Try out this 30-day easy push-up challenge to get you in shape and motivated about exercise. Click here for your mission. Good luck!

Push Up Challenge

The Science Of Motivation

Do you want to know how you can stay motivated? Watch the video to find out.