How To: Squats

Wondering if you’re doing squats correctly? Watch the video below for quick tips on how to maintain good posture and form when doing your squat routine. Remember! It’s always better to do fewer repetitions using proper form, than more repetitions with a poor posture. Enjoy!



How to Use a Foam Roller: Upper Back

If you’re feeling tight or achy after sitting all day, try out a foam roller to relieve tension in your upper back and neck. Feeling a bit lost on how to use a foam roller for this area? No problem! Click here to watch a video for techniques for your upper back and neck. Remember, always modify your stretching and pressure to the level you’re at. Best of luck!

Foam Roller

5 Tips for a Healthy Spine

The spine is our body’s main support mechanism. It keeps us upright, mobile and gives us the ability to do all of our daily activities. However, it’s no secret that we all abuse our spines on a daily basis. Sitting with poor posture throughout the day, sleeping awkwardly at night, and forgetting to strengthen our core are all factors for why we may have unhappy backs time and again. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate an achy spine. Click here for 5 tips for a healthy (and happy) spine.



The Benefits of Good Posture

Whether it was a parent at the dinner table, a teacher in the middle of class, or your grandmother as you walked around the house, we’ve all heard it before… Sit up and stand straight! In all likelihood you’ve been nagged at some point or another in regards to your posture, but it turns out, there is good reason for all the fuss. Having poor posture over long periods of time can increase your chances of having accidents, may decrease the effectiveness of your organs, and will place a great deal of pressure on your joints and ligaments. For more information on the benefits of good posture, watch the video below:


Have You Ever Tried Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics is the way to go when looking for your next exercise session. Watch the video below and see how you can get started on doing water aerobics!

Why Sitting is Bad for You

There’s no denying that people have transitioned to a more sedentary lifestyle. Whether you’re in school, at work, or in the car, we tend to sit for extended periods of time without the opportunity to stretch our legs and walk around. However, this seemingly “harmless habit actually has the power to change our health”, both in the short- and long-term. The key to remember is that our bodies are built for motion, not for stillness. To learn more about sitting and its impact on our mind and body, watch the video below:


Improve Your Health and Posture at Work Today!

Recent research has shown that sitting for extended periods of time negatively impacts your health. We may not realize it, but our hips and spine absorb a lot of pressure while in a sitting position. Coupled with worsening posture throughout the day, it’s no wonder that many of us have an achy back after leaving the office. If you’re looking for easy, subtle, day-to-day activities that will help improve your posture and improve your overall health, watch the video below. Stay active!

6 Neck Stretches That Will Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks

If you’re sitting at a desk all day and looking at a computer screen, then your neck is taking quite the beating. It is very difficult to keep proper alignment throughout the day so it is important to stretch and relax your neck muscles whenever you can. Here are 6 neck stretches that you can do at the office or at home. Click here to see more.


6 Neck Stretches

Why Do You Forget Their Name?

Do you have a hard time remembering someone’s name? Watch the video below!

The Science Of Motivation

Do you want to know how you can stay motivated? Watch the video to find out.