Corn Off the Cob Salad Recipe

Homemade Corn Salad

Corn is sweet, especially when bought in season, and is a good source of folate, fibre and vitamin C.

There are many ways to add corn into meals and snacks, but have you tried corn salad? This recipe for corn salad adds a nice tangy, summer taste to grilled corn. If you are having a last-minute BBQ before the summer ends and happen to have fresh corn, try making a corn salad!

Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado Salad

Want something light and refreshing for lunch? Or how about something to accompany your entrée for dinner tonight? Look no further! Try out this amazing cucumber, tomato and avocado salad. It’s nutrient packed, tastes great and best of all, it only takes 15 minutes to make. Click here to enjoy!

Cucumber, Tomato and Avocado Salad

Want to Make the Best Salad?

It’s amazing how many types of salad there are in restaurants, resorts, buffets and even people homes. 100 Days of Real Food has outlined how you can make the perfect salad and how easy it is to do so! Click here for the quick easy steps to make the best tasting salad!

Your Monday Recipe is Here!

Try this orange & black pepper shrimp salad tonight with some romantic candles! Pairing mixed greens with oranges and savory shrimp can enlighten your taste buds tonight!







Recipe is here!Orange & Black Pepper Shrimp Salad Recipe | Eating Well