How to Use a Foam Roller: Upper Back

If you’re feeling tight or achy after sitting all day, try out a foam roller to relieve tension in your upper back and neck. Feeling a bit lost on how to use a foam roller for this area? No problem! Click here to watch a video for techniques for your upper back and neck. Remember, always modify your stretching and pressure to the level you’re at. Best of luck!

Foam Roller

Why Sitting is Bad for You

There’s no denying that people have transitioned to a more sedentary lifestyle. Whether you’re in school, at work, or in the car, we tend to sit for extended periods of time without the opportunity to stretch our legs and walk around. However, this seemingly “harmless habit actually has the power to change our health”, both in the short- and long-term. The key to remember is that our bodies are built for motion, not for stillness. To learn more about sitting and its impact on our mind and body, watch the video below:


The Benefits of Flexibility Training

If you’ve ever walked into a gym, you would have noticed that most patrons are focused primarily on strength and/or cardio exercises. Flexibility is often an afterthought, but it may be one of the best methods to prevent sports related injuries. If you wanted to know the benefits of flexibility training, and discover what the difference is between: dynamic stretching, static active stretching and static passive stretching, then click here.


Benefits of Flexibility Training

The Science Of Motivation

Do you want to know how you can stay motivated? Watch the video to find out.

What is Dyslexia?

Many people believe that people with Dyslexia are unable to read. They can read, but it takes a lot of concentration, and the letters seem to ‘jump around’. To learn more about this common phenomenon, watch the video below.

Yoga Stretches for Shoulders and Upper Back

Do your shoulders or upper back ever feel tense? Sitting at a desk all day can really impact your posture and mobility. If you want to loosen your upper body and feel like a million bucks, watch the video to see how. Enjoy!

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9 Yoga Poses That Will Open Your Shoulders

Whether you’re a sloucher or a pro athlete, shoulders are sure to stiffen up from time to time. Click here for 9 stretches that will open your shoulders, loosen your back and make you feel good as new.

Ready for this Month’s Challenge? 30-Day Plank Challenge

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