Life Hack: Daytime Energy Boost

Feeling sleepy? Why not have a cup of coffee? A power nap? Or how about both? The process may seem counter-intuitive, but according to some studies, grabbing a quick cup of joe just before a 20-minute snooze is one of the most effective ways to fight off grogginess during the day. So if your eyelids are feeling heavy at work, take some time out of your lunch-hour for this daytime energy boost. Watch the video below to find out more.


The Science Of Motivation

Do you want to know how you can stay motivated? Watch the video to find out.

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What is Daylight Savings?

Have you ever wondered why daylight savings time exists? Why do we change the clocks twice every year? Watch this video and you’ll find out!

Why Do We Yawn?

Researchers used to believe that yawning was a way to further oxygenate our brains, but recent studies suggest that this may not be the case. To find out the answer, watch the video below!

The Benefits of Rest, Relaxation and Exercise

Rest, relaxation and exercise play huge roles in determining our overall wellness. Get the right balance of the three, and you can lead a much happier and healthier  life. Click here to find out more.

10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

We know our bodies will get a little slower with age, but there’s no reason for your mind to do the same. We’ve got 10 great tips on how to keep your mind sharp. Click here for more.

5 Surprising Health Benefits to Yoga

It’s no surprise that yoga helps with flexibility and breathing, but did you know that it can also boost your immunity? A recent study found that yoga can impact you at a cellular level, helping your body run more efficiently. Click here for more unexpected perks from doing yoga.

10 Tips on How to Meditate

Don’t be fooled by the movies, meditating isn’t just for Buddhist monks. Meditation is a helpful tool to combat everyday stress and make you feel better and happier. Click here for 10 ways to help you meditate.

7 Benefits of Regular Exercise

We all know that regular exercise helps control weight and boosts energy, but did you know that it can also spark up your sex life and promote better sleep? To find out more about the perks of regular physical activity, click here.